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Up high, on Tâmpa

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1 September 2017
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From here, the city can be seen in all its beauty. And, although the first thing you will notice once you reach the top of Mount Tâmpa is the extraordinary panorama, this wonderful place has a lot of other tourist attractions.

You can reach the top of Mount Tâmpa either by cable car or on foot on one of the four routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

The most difficult route to take is Gabon's Steps, which takes an hour, during which you climb 167 steep steps of stone. Because the route is dangerous and you can slip slightly, you will need special equipment, once you get to the top, you will realize that it is worth the effort. On the other hand, the easiest route is the Serpentine Road, which has only 800 meters. The other two routes are the Knights' Road and the Gorge between Melcilor Hill and Tâmpa-Șaua Tâmpei. But, as I said above, if you do not have enough time or physical condition, you can get to the top with a cable car. Here is the iconic BRAŞOV sign, so if you have a dron, you can make a really spectacular photo or video. You can then relax on the terrace of the Panoramic restaurant by the cable car and, in the evening, the city offers you an absolutely superb view.

However, the last cabin descent has to be taken into consideration, as during the week it is at 18:00 and on weekends is at 19:00.

A place of legends


Mount Tâmpa is one of the most legendary places in Braşov. The best known are those that talk about the existence of a great underground lake or about the existence of tunnels that break through the mountain, and where treasures were hidden.


If the lake’s existence has not been proven, tunnels dug in the mountains are real. Today, only one of them is still practicable and links the House of Councils to one of the towers of the old city. The others have slipped over time and all are closed to avoid accidents.

Another legend is related to the only rocked stone bench on the alley beneath Tâmpa. This bench is said to have been carved in the memory of a couple of lovers who died hugged, crushed by a stone that broke from the top of Tâmpa.

This legend too is proven by a document from 1817. Two other legends speak of dragons that sowed terror in the city, but it is best to hear them directly from the locals, they are much more delicious.


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