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6 free apps that we always take with us

1 September 2017
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25 August 2017
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9 September 2017

Apps have become a necessity and can make any hiking more beautiful by sometimes relieving us from some great headaches.

So, no matter how anti-technology you are, we recommend that you get familiar with at least 2-3 applications that you think would be useful to you. It doesn’t matter if you are on iOS or Android, the apps we select are available on both platforms and can be downloaded from the App Store and GooglePlay, respectively.

Partea cea mai bună este că funcționează perfect offline. Stai fără gija semnalului sau traficului de date rămas.


Google Trips

Are you the kind of person who plans its itinerary in the smallest detail, for each city or area you are going to visit? Then Google Trips is an app for you, relieving you of the stress that you might miss out on some attraction. Moreover, it can generate your itineraries depending on the time you are willing to spend exploring, half a day, one day or more. It is extremely simple to build your own itinerary, you choose the places you want to visit, and the application will generate the ideal route according to where you are.



Mapstr is an app we have recently discovered, we use it to mark the places in the country where we want to get to a certain point. What do we appreciate in this app? The very original way of categorizing. When you add a new place on the map, you can customize it with a representative icon and place it in a category via a hashtag. It's a handy, not complicated application that lets you keep track of the places you visit, the places you want to visit or revisit. If you like being organized without too much effort, Mapstr is for you!



Waze has become very popular with us over the past two years. It's a GPS navigation app that helps you save time in traffic. You can easily avoid crowded traffic using Waze, and the app’s estimations for the selected distances are pretty accurate. It's really cool that this app is mentally preparing you for what's next, and traffic congestion cannot surprise you anymore.

How Waze helped us

We were going to Târgu Jiu from Bucharest, we were on the A1 highway (Bucharest - Piteşti), a truck had overturned on our direction, 30 kilometers ahead of us. The app removed us from the highway and redirected us to an alternative route, saving about 5 hours, as people stranded on the highway stood waiting for the release of a single strip.

The alerts you receive when you approach a pit, an obstacle, a road under construction are very useful at night because you have time to adjust speed and increase your attention.



It's an app that helps you find people who rent their apartments, homes, in hotel regimen. Booking through the Airbnb app is the perfect choice when you feel like running out of money but not free time. Prices on Airbnb are much lower.



An app we use for bookings, but more to read reviews about where we want to spend the night. On Booking, every hotel, guesthouse has a rating that is generated by the experience of people who have crossed the path of those places. As far as we have noticed, you are treated much better if you make your reservation via Booking, because no one wants a negative review, and you have the app in your hand.



How nice it is to have over 36 million songs in your pocket without ads? It is possible.

Spotify, the world's largest music streaming service, hasn’t reached Romania, but there’s no need for that because we have Zonga. During hiking, it’s more enjoyable to listen to nature, but there are times when you may want to listen to Louis Armstrong, Led Zepelin, or just a new hit you like. We almost forgot about the offline feature, which allows you to download your own playlists before getting to places without signal.

Free service only under certain circumstances!

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