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How to choose the ideal hiking boots

8 February 2018
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30 October 2017

Tips that, if you follow, you will have comfort and safety “at your feet”:

1. Safety and comfort come first, only then we can talk about design, color or brand. The order is maintained regardless of the complexity of the routes you choose to practice, whether you are opting for escalating steep slopes or crossing some low-difficulty routes.

2. If you are at your 1st pair of boots, choose a pair that belongs to the "3 seasons"category, they can be worn in spring, summer and autumn. Do not head to the boots (boots may be the secondary pair, but in no case the first), choose the boots.

3. If you are looking for some winter boots, we do not recommend you to go to the 4 seasons boots, opt for boots conceived for winter. At the moment, no manufacturer has been able to find the perfect formula for a type of footwear that performs well in both winter and summer. Differences in temperature from one season to another may be up to 50 degrees Celsius. The engineers’ mission is and will be a very difficult one for a long time.

4. Boots from the 3 seasons category can also be used in the winter, but on very light and extremely short routes.

5. Exclude online ordering when you face such complex purchases. Mountain boots must be tested and, contrary to expectations, should not be taken with a larger number, as this is not the best mark. Keep in mind, however, that your legs will swell after a consistent effort. The mountain boot must feel firm in the leg when you are wearing it with two pairs of similar socks.

6. Mountain boots must be impermeable, unquestionable.

7. The boot’s sole is essential. The indisputable leader is Vibram, the vibram sole ensures adhesion, stability, protects the foot and sustains the effort of a long walk.

8. The upper part of the mountain boot is definitely favored by synthetic materials. Very well-known are the Sympatex and Climashield membranes, but the truly revolutionary one, which dominates the outdoor universe, is Gore-Tex, which transforms the common boot into a trustworthy boot that gives you: performance, lightness, impermeability, breathability and, of course, comfort.

9. It is recommended that the boot has as few stitches as possible and is as light as possible. Good and light boots are a paradox. Their weight must still remain at a level that does not adversely affect comfort (ideal weight between 600g - 800g / boot).

10. Try until you discover what comfort really means. Find 3 to 4 pairs in which you feel good and that you enjoy, then triage.

11.Buy only from the physical stores that inspire confidence and don’t even think of buying mountain boots that have already been worn or "no name".

12. Avoid using new boots directly on the mountain, ensure a 50-hour run, so the footwear adapts to the shape of the foot.

13. Very important! Enjoy nature and if we do not ask for too much, use the #rowalk hashtag on Instagram so we can see where you're going :).

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