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5 unique places in Romania where you can stay

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25 October 2017
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If you're bored with the classic places to stay, we have prepared a selection of 5 truly unique destinations.

You just have to not forget to clear your phone's memory, because we are sure there will be hundreds of photos.

The Hotel of Ice

Along with the winter and the first layer of snow, Balea Lake opens the Ice Hotel. The 2034-meter altitude hotel is built entirely out of snow and ice blocks extracted from the largest glacier lake in the Făgăraş Mountains.

The rooms are carved and decorated differently and there are some igloos in the immediate vicinity, for a more intimate experience. The Ice Bar will put your blood on the move, so you can retire to the ice bed in fluffy fur.

NOMADIA - glamping retreat

For a few months now, one of the most magical places to spend your summer weekends has opened its doors at the Black Sea. Once you get here, you will have the impression that you have stepped into Aladdin's fairytale world. Lamps of all shapes, Persian carpets, chests, books, vintage decoration items, and huge beds to sink after a day spent at the beach, just a few meters from the huge tents - and this is just a small sample compared to what what you will discover on the spot.

Without doubt, Nomadia can be the only glamping (glamourous camping) in the country, so you do not have to miss such an experience.


In our childhood, we all dreamed of a tree house to hide from adults. Meanwhile, we grew up and became the adults, but that doesn’t mean we can no longer fulfill our wish. On the contrary, at the Harmonie complex in Predeal, in the area called Trei Brazi (3 Trees), you can choose between three tree houses, with a spectacular panorama to the Bucegi Mountains, the Piatra Craiului Mountains and the Cold Stream (Pârâul Rece). In addition to the three tree, two other atypical buildings are available: The Observatory and the Pyramid Lodge. It's worth going here, at least once.

Atra Doftana

Located right on the shores of Lake Paltinu in Teşila, Atra Doftana is the ideal place to retire for a few days of relaxation. Not just the nature that surrounds the guesthouse, but the minimalist architecture will make you disconnect and forget the urban jungle. The rooms are intimately hidden in the slope of the shore, but completely open to the view, with huge windows to admire the starry sky. We have to say that we have not yet reached any of these places, but as we check them, we will come back with reviews that will answer any curiosity about each destination.


Do you know the floating bungalows you see in the presentation videos in Maldives, Bora Bora or other exotic destinations? Well, in Berzasca, in Caras-Severin County, you can enjoy a similar experience. The Egreta complex includes 15 cottages hanging over the Danube, and the view is truly dreamlike. Far from daily bustle, this is another place where you can spend some days of vacation.

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations, we are waiting for you to tell us about your experiences.

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